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My name is Marissa. This blog started out as a school project where i decided to go vegan. (I got an 'A' on the project).
But now this blog will be about a great resource for vegetarian/vegan recipes, books, restaurants, events, and more!


Hey guys! Project Veggie is moving to a new home: Its-Vegan!

Project Veggie was my blog during the first six months of so of being vegan. I was using that blog as a way to learn about veganism/vegetarianism and blog about my journey of going vegan.

But now that I’ve been a vegan for over a…

It’s true! We’re moving to a new blog! Go check it out! :)

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Anonymous: You've changed you have right? I remember you started as Lacto-Vegetarian where you ate dairy products.

Correct, I was a vegetarian for the first month then slowly transitioned to veganism. :)


cinnamon rolls with maple cream cheese icing by just leigh on Flickr.

Seriously #delicious. #omfg #veganfood #vegan #pregnancycravings

Made some kabobs this past weekend, that were delicious! Marinated tempeh, zucchini, mushrooms and bell pepper, glazed with BBQ sauce. On the side: Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca! #vegansknowhowtoeat
#vegan#vegetarian #vegan #food #healthy #dinner

#veganpizza from Mimo’s and a pale ale #vegan

The beauty and diversity of nature! Feast your eyes on this rainbow of heirloom tomatoes. There are over 7500 different varieties of tomatoes in the world. How many have you tried?

lettuce wraps are always great. this time filled with spiced brown rice, peppers, tomato, avocado. yum!

Vegan Nacho “Cheese”, recipe here at Vegan Yumminess
I tried out this recipe and really liked it. I wasn’t able to get it to be so “nacho cheesy” in consistency like in the photos, though. Maybe if I add more oil or water it would get like that. The consistency/look for me isn’t that important though since I’ve just been putting it in burritos with other stuff LOL I might try to make a quesadilla with it to see how that comes out.
To be totally honest about the flavor, it does kind of taste like you mashed together potatoes and carrots and nutritional yeast…but in a good way. It’s also super filling.

Going camping this weekend? Don’t forget your #vegan s’more ingredients… That would be sucha bummer. #camping #smores #merica #gelatinisgrossgovegan (at Nooch Vegan Market)